02 January, 2009

No Deeper Meaning

I've been mulling lately - a new year will do that to a fellow - and thinking about new blog posts. (I hate thinking of poor Eilidh looking forlornly at her computer screen, desperate for a new post, only to find the same week-old page, and then: a single tear rolling down her cheek.... It's hard being someone's hero. Lots of pressure.)

Thinks I to myself, "Self, perhaps we could blog about new year's resolutions, or Epiphany, or something likewise appropriate to our station in life." I had a blockbuster post sketched out, but then, whilst roaming across the inter-plains, I came across such a vision that I was compelled to share it with those I love. And Eilidh could see it as well....

So, without any mas ado, here it is: This made me LOLAWRL. It's slightly NSFSS - Not Safe for Sensitive Souls - cause there's bad words on the page, but not super-bad words, only kinda-bad words.

There is no deeper meaning here; it's not a parable or something to think about. Thou shalt not treasure this up in thine heart nor ponder it. I just think it's funny. Happy New Year.

much peace, much love, etc.

PS - In "News Completely Unrelated to Anything Else," I get to go to Arkansas in a fortnight, when I shall get to visit with many of my North Texas BFFs. And that shall be swell.

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  1. Your North Texas are greatly anticipating your Arkansas arrival! Can hardly wait to see you and your bride. K