31 December, 2008

Party Like a Priest

So, I've known that the pastoral types in the world - for the most part - know how to have a great time. This makes sense theologically. But this priest in the Great Northeast is a whole other kettle of wax.

I know that Jesus was hardly the prude we've made him out to be. Like Jeremiah (the Bullfrog, not the Prophet*), he sure did like his wine. (And no matter what my conservative friends tell me whilst trying to justify culturally-rooted teetotalling, it was wine, not Welch's.)

But partying at clubs and dropping thousands of bucks on wine and tips? Somehow, I think Father Gregory might have overshot the mark. Now, if he'd bring lepers and the poor into the club, we'd be onto something.

much peace, much love, etc.

*In retrospect, Jeremiah the Prophet probably also liked his wine, but there's not a cool song about him.

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