23 April, 2009

Been a Wee While

Well, it's been a wee while since I last posted. And, weirdly and disturbingly, two people have told me that I should post. They both used the word "withdrawal." If I believed in the Apocalypse, I'd be pretty certain this was a sign of its impending arrival.

So much has happened over the last few weeks: Holy Week and Easter, Nap Week (the week after Holy Week, natch, observed by pastors everywhere), my home state is threatening to secede and elect this guy President, Susan Boyle....

And, today, two major events.

Number One, I became a Mac person. Bought a new laptop - a refurbed MacBookPro. So far, it's pretty and it has needed about 2 hours to download updates to software. (Hopefully, his isn't a regular occurrence.) That's what I know about Apple products so far.

I know this, too: already I feel hipper. Younger. Sexier.

And I feel like I've joined a cult. As soon as I Facebook-posted that I was an Apple-y kind of guy, about 20 people felt compelled to congratulate me and welcome me to the ranks. I think fewer people would have responded had I said that Jen and I were great with child.(1)

So, today, I am a man. I bought an Apple. But - and here's Major Event Number Two - little did I know what far ranging effects my choice would have. I was, by all appearances, the tipping point for Microsoft's downfall. Who knew?

OK, I've got a new computer to play with. I promise to post again soon, so that those of you fighting an unnatural addiction won't have long to wait.

much peace, much love, etc.

(1) No, Mom and Dad, this isn't some sort of sneaky paving of the way for a Major Announcement. Just a silly comparison.