23 December, 2008

Happy Christmas, Jerk-face!

At least one brother (or sister) in the Church of England is in the Christmas spirit! [A word of warning/titillation - the story includes semi-sanitized language and links to other news stories that are NSFG - Not Safe for Grandmas (and other delicate souls).]

I sympathize with the frustrations of those who yearn for the Church to welcome all people into ordained ministry. And the archbishop referenced in the story may indeed be a righteous a-hole. (Uh oh, now the main page is also NSFG.) But somehow, I don't think name-calling is going to make it all better.

I can't decide is this is funny or sad. Maybe it's both. It is funny that this Official Assistant Holy Person vented his (or her) frustrations in so base a manner and in an official Lambeth Palace publication no less, and that no one saw it until it had been sent far and wide.

But it's sad in that, as the Church - the Beloved Community, the Kingdom of God, a veritable Sign and Foretaste of the Heavenly Baquet - we can't even disagree agreeably. No wonder people often think Church is just so much crap-ola. We don't treat one another with love, much less our enemies.

And, tragically, the anonymous assistant in Lambeth Palace isn't even being new or creative - Christians have been calling one another a-holes* for millennia - although, admittedly, it sounded better in Latin - and doing things more unspeakable than that.

Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve-Eve. Make sure to buy lots of crap to celebrate the birth of the Messiah.

much peace, much love, etc.

*A friend, who shall go nameless-ish, has a favorite reference for friends who irk her - "F'er." She says it just like that. I think this is a whole lot funnier than if she were to just drop a big old F-Bomb. She called me an F'er once in front of my parents. That was funny on lots of levels.

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