20 November, 2008

No cell phone, but a blog?


I've been thinking for a little while about starting a blog. And then today, my VBFFITWWW Johnny Flemmons sends an email saying, "Hey check out my new blog!" And, obviously, I want to be like Johnny Flemmons, so this was more than enough for me to actually start a blog for my very own self.

So, I signed up at blogspot, picked a blog format (from a wide variety of, like, 8!), and now I have a blog. Which is weird.

I have never owned a cell phone and I hope to die having never owned a cell phone. (Although, honestly, this seems unlikely. I suspect that the day is coming when we no longer think of them as "cell phones," but as just "phones." There won't be any other kind: "Wires? Why would you have a phone attached to wires???")

I don't Twitter, I have an abandoned MySpace page for our Campus Ministry (someone else is keeping it up now, I think...), and I don't have any kind of PDA/Crackberry. I don't own an i-Anything. I have a slighly anti-technology/Luddite bent. (Although, I am on Facebook, which is also weird, so maybe I'm not as anti-tech as I like to think: "Oh-hoo, look who knows so much! As it happens, your friend is only mostly-Luddite..."*)

And on top of that, I'm a pastor at a church, which means once a week I stand up in front of people and get to talk at them for 10 or 15 (and sometimes 20....) minutes. I write a monthly newsletter that gets sent to something like 170 homes. In church meetings, I get the privilege of speaking most often and with the most authorty. (I'm not sure it should be that way, but it is.) People sometimes call me and ask me what I think about an important issue in their lives. As a pastor, I have plenty of opportunities to communicate my thoughts to any number of people.

So why does technological skepticism + already ample opportunity for self-expression = "I need a blog?"

I wish I had a good answer. But the best that I can come up with is this two-fold stab in the dark: (1) maybe I can blog about stuff that doesn't fit into sermons or newsletters and (2) maybe this will connect me with folks that aren't in my somewhat geographically-and-worldview-limited circle. I hope that if I do connect with folks outside of said circle, it will be conversationally rather than monologically. (Yes, monologically. "Check out the big brain on Clay!"**)

So, I'm going to blog and see what happens. Maybe nothing. Maybe a world-wide revolution for peace, love and sarcasm, with my writing providing both the inspiration and the idealogical underpinnings. Probably (hopefully) something in between.

I have a blog and a Facebook page. Can a cell phone be far behind? Dear Lord, I hope not.

much peace, much love, etc.

PS - Johnny Flemmons' blog can be found at http://www.revjohnf.blogspot.com/. He has a better format than me.

*I'd like to think that I'm too cool to drop movie references in my conversations or writing, but I'm not. The Princess Bride seems to pop up a lot.

**Pulp Fiction pops up some, too. Well, Samuel L. Jackson quotes do, anyway.


  1. wow, all my dreams have come true:
    (a.) i have a follower, even if it is Clay
    (b.) i am Clay's BFF, plus alot of other things i can't exactly decifer
    (c.) the whole world now knows who Johnny Flemmons is
    (d.) there is a link to my blog from somebody else's blog, even if it is Clay, and
    (e.) Clay admits that he is someday going to have a cell-phone.

    what else is there?

  2. PS: speking of BFF's, here's a church marquee quote that I received via txt msg today (yes, ON MY CELLPHONE):


    and, no, I'm not kidding.

    next subject for revjohnf's blog ... stupid church marquee signs.

  3. Up until today I thought I was just a follower of Jesus. Now being a follower takes on a whole new meaning. Did you realize that you are #10,400 who has listed occupation as Pastor on their Blog Profile? And about 50% of them have selected astrological signs as part of their personal information. How techy new age is that?

    see you in facebook.

    grace and peace,