30 November, 2008

Church Out of Church

I don't intend to use this e-bully pulpit to do a lot of bragging about my little old church, but...

Paul does say something about "provoking one another to good deeds." And since Church Out of Church (COOC, as it's affectionately known..) was someone else's idea, I feel like I can be Clay the Proud Pastor. So here goes my ecclesial provocation:

Each time there's a 5th Sunday in a month (like, say, today - November 30th) the good folks of my church gather for a short worship service then head into the community, to be Church (people) Out of Church (building). We rake leaves, clean gardens, prepare emergency food bags - all kinds of stuff that reaches out beyond our walls.

We do other stuff on other days as well, but COOC does two things, methinks. Uno, it reminds us that we are called to be more than really holy people holed up in a really holy place. Stained glass is nice, but grass-stained knees are better. Two-o, it invites our folks to think about places they can serve throughout the year. What begins on a 5th Sunday builds into something larger, mehopes.

Just thinking aloud, but what if every church did something similar - once a quarter (month? week? day? Holy carp! When would we have time for meetings?) we went and served our community - no gimmicks, no obligations, no donations accepted? Glitzy commercials and billboards for church might be important, but.... well, who knows? I'm sure Jesus would be all for gltizy commercials.

much love, much peace, etc.

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