21 March, 2009

About Those Bonuses

The national discussion of late has been about the AIG executive bonuses. Much outrage and political posturing all around. For me, it is hard to imagine the kind of money these folks (and lots and lots of others, who don't make the news) seem to take for granted.

I'm pretty tired of hearing about, thinking about it, reading about it.

So I am offering a proposal: Let the AIG executives keep their bonuses, down to the scroungy last penny.

All they have to do in exchange is follow this man's example.

Maybe there are two versions of the "American dream."

One looks like executive suites, vacation homes and the "good life" provided by wealth. Another looks strangely like a story Jesus would tell.

Give me Jorge Munoz's version.

much peace, much love, etc.


  1. I must say...I agree!

  2. Seems they have 1st part of Wesley trilogy on earnings.. Make, save and give all you can..
    Need to work on the latter 2 points.. as we all do..Dad

  3. Yeah, but it sounds like his mother does all the work cooking the meals - American dream indeed (but I get your point!)